Directed - Clemens Habicht / Producer - Shabana Mansuri / Executive Producer - Sarah Boardman / Riff Raff Films

Dancers: Alenka Herman, Airen Koopmans, Anaïs Lalange, Christopher Matthews Hutchings, Jamila Johnson-Small, Joelle Green, Pepa Ubera, Povilas Bastys, Samuel John Kennedy, Seke Chimutugwende.

Directed by George Tsioutsias

Choreography: Emma Zangs Mariana Lucia Marquez Jona Thomsen

Dancers: Alma Petit, Joce Santa Maria, Jona Thomsen, Emma Zangs, Edoardo Dafolco Neviani, Elena & Fenia Tsikitikou, Nina Berclaz, Sandra Adiarte


© 2012 Cherry Bloom.

Directed by Marquez&Zangs.

Produced by Cherry Bloom.

Dancers: Alenka Herman, Diina Bukareva, Hortense De Roquefeuille. 


Choreography & Direction: Anatole Zangs

Dancer: Andrew Cummings

Music: Glenn Miller 'Alice Blue Gown'

Post-Production: Emma Zangs

An exploration of the concept of Unfinity as Time Reverb. A project that continues to investigate the concept of time and identity, employing slitscanning as a technique that allows determined points in time to leak and blend all into one.

Director Marta Di Francesco

Dancer Tony Thatcher

Choreographer Mariana Marquez

Music Swimy by Mitsuru Shimizu

Video by Christian Carlsson showing an excerpt of the track "Fracture".

Dancer: Emma Zangs

DOP: Jesper Elleson Hamrin 

\\ Vault // A piece exploring the relationship between movement, volume and texture, looking for the grace of an aesthetics inspired by mesh geometries, combining linear filming techniques...

Director: Marta Di Francesco

Dop: Tamas Olajos

Dancer: Emma Zangs

Fashion Design: Dr Jessica Bugg

Music: Oskar Schuster