MARQUEZ&ZANGS create choreographic content for live events, films, stages, and anything in-between. You get out-of-the box strategies that make people engage with brands and concepts through movement. They are experts in movement direction. They are not interested in creating typical dance routines. If that is what you are looking for, you may approach dance agencies instead (there's plenty of good ones out there).


M&Z work with dancers, models, actors and other talent on clarifying their performance mindset: attitude, presence, and energy management. They say NO to the auto-pilot mode. M&Z work on how it looks but also on how it feels. They direct the talent to stay engaged, interested, and actively working to convey what the director is looking for. This means the talent can focus on doing rather than worrying. 


Directing models, actors, dancers, and performers on their attitude and presence for the camera. Be it for photoshoots or moving image, they focus on keeping the talent engaged and their performance meaningful.


From stage to street performance, they work from the audience’s viewpoint, getting the talent to  sustain their presence and be able to adapt to whatever might happen in the moment.


M&Z are (very) bothered by the narrow view that choreography should be subservient to, and inseparable from, dance. And the same goes for dance and movement. 

They would like to live in a world where everything is moving and nothing ever stops changing. Where people are thrilled by physical experiences because it is what gets them inspired and engaged. 

Oh wait a minute, isn’t that this world? 


METASPEECH IS M&Z’s GROWING SISTER:                                      If you are an entrepreneur, you can find Mariana&Emma at the heart of London's tech scene training startup founders on upgrading their body language for public speaking. They successfully coach clients who are securing Series A funding, getting pitch-ready & getting funded at BBC’s Dragon’s Den, and nailing it at tech conferences like Digital Shoreditch & TEDx. 


Part of Sadler's Wells Summer University 2015-2019.


Registered Address:

64 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0AS 



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Field / Kevin&Roy / TripSpaceRiff Raff Films / MDFA-Ok / Trinity Laban Conservatoire / Dance Umbrella / Assemble / Bruno Glint Gallery / Heiko Prigge / The Free Word Centre / The Langham Research Centre / Pick Me Up 2014.   

Photography by Jesus Ubera.

Photography by Jesus Ubera.